Our Weekly Water Testing Service Subscription 
Crystal Clear Water. Always.
(Billed Monthly)

Introducing Interior Pool and Spa's home water testing service. Here to keep your pool or spa crystal clear. We'll visit your home weekly to take a water sample and email you the results with steps to maintain clear water.
We created this program with our customers in mind! Save time in Kelowna traffic, and make your pool duties easier with step-by-step reliable water balancing instructions to follow. Use our PDF shopping list to easily find the chemicals you need!

  • Weekly Home Water Tests for $69.99 Monthly – Billed Monthly as a Subscription.
  • Weekly Pool and Spa Water Tests for $99.99 Monthly – Billed Monthly As a Subscription

Members also get exclusive benefits!
  • 10 % OFF ONLINE PURCHASES -some restrictions apply to already on sale products
  • 10 % OFF INSTORE PURCHASEs - some restrictions apply to already on sale products
(Depending on which area of town we are serving and the time of order)

Free Delivery from Peach Land to Lake Country!
Service Areas: Peach Land, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Win Field, Oyama, Lake Country

It takes up to 24 hours for your membership benefits to be added to your profile.

When you enroll we will get in touch with you for more details about your pool and to confirm your subscription

For more information please email info@interiorpoolandspa.com or call 250 868 4831

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